Dry point tester prints: When printing this work I learned that you need alot of pressure to get a good print. My first few came out very faded so i tried putting extra blanket over my prints as they went through the press. It then improved. I tested how writing would look in the background and used the song lyrics from the soundtrack. This is using the musical aspects of the film and including it in the artwork. When scratching the dry point plates i shaded in any shapes that were black going in diagonal lines. then any tonal areas I did in a different direction so the lines would clash.

Story board selected photos


This is the place/scene where my narrative story board takes place. I liked the composition of the photo with the water machine because it is the main subject but you can also see all of the surroundings reaching along down the corridoor.


I used this photo to help show the steps of the story board. This is extra information.



This shows who the subject of my story is. I like the way the background blurred out so the first thing you look and concentrate on is the subject.


This is an ‘action shot’. This is a photo which shows what the person is doing.