I used the iconic imagery of Uma Thurman from the original Pulp Fiction poster and made a stencil from it. This is an alternative design for my poster that I didn’t follow through. When i was painting the background i though it looked bad because there wasn’t a smooth texture. but then decided thati liked it because it was more relatable and reflective to the film being rough and uneven.



Dry point tester prints: When printing this work I learned that you need alot of pressure to get a good print. My first few came out very faded so i tried putting extra blanket over my prints as they went through the press. It then improved. I tested how writing would look in the background and used the song lyrics from the soundtrack. This is using the musical aspects of the film and including it in the artwork. When scratching the dry point plates i shaded in any shapes that were black going in diagonal lines. then any tonal areas I did in a different direction so the lines would clash.