Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol produced a lot of his printed work using the silk screen technique. This allowed the artist to mass produce his art work and sell numerous canvases of the same image to a commercial market. Not only had the artist made an industry out of his art, he would go as far to name his studio “The Factory”.

Warhol had produced images of household products, food cans and movie stars. One of the artists most famous pieces is a print of the Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe named, “Marilyn Diptych”. The artist had created the work in the weeks that followed the movie-stars death, in August 1962. Warhol had capitalized on the media frenzy surrounding the movie-stars death, and by doing so, “Marilyn Diptych” is one of the most iconic images of the Hollywood star.I took the idea of layering black stencils of a face over different coloured shapes that fit round the stencil.marilyn


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